Camp & Dialogue


Camp Session

The Camp Session provides the opportunity for further discussion between Plenary Lecturers and smaller groups of students.  Each camp will last 75 minutes, starting with a short presentation by the Plenary Lecturer, which may be an extension of the Plenary Lecture or on a different topic. This presentation will be followed by discussion, with students being split into 4 groups to promote closer interaction with eminent scientists. Camp sessions will be held on the afternoon of 3-5 August 2015, with each session having 4 parallel classes.

Dialogue Session

The Dialogue Session in ASC 2015 is a discussion between students and a successful Mid-Career Thai Scientists, to provide examples of how to be successful in scientific research under conditions where financial and other support are somewhat limited. In each session, the Mid-Career scientist will give a 30 minute talk, followed by interaction with students. Other scientific activities are also possible. Two Dialogue slots will be held on 4-5 August 2015, with each slot having 4 parallel sessions.

Best Question Awards

Students are encouraged to ask questions or discuss with lecturers at every scientific session in ASC 2015, namely Plenary Lecture, Camp Session and Dialogue Session. The best question in each session will be selected by the lecturer involved and will be awarded as “Best Question Award”. The prizes will be given at the end of each day between 3-5 August 2015.


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