Seven plenary lectures will be given by the Nobel Laureates and the Eminent Scientists on 3-5 August 2015. Each lecture will last 90 minutes, including time for questions and answers. Students are required to attend all lectures.


Panel Discussion

“How can Science Improve the Future of Mankind?”

The Panel Discussion will involve discussion and exchange of ideas between 6 Plenary Lecturers, with the help of moderator(s). The discussion will start with a short introduction by the moderator(s) suggesting topic(s) for discussion, and asking Plenary Lecturers to express their opinions on these topics. As always, the students are encouraged to raise questions and voice their opinions. So hopefully, this session will not only initiate dialogue between our eminent lecturers, but with also students in the audience on important scientific issues.


Best Question Awards

Students are encouraged to ask questions or discuss with lecturers at every scientific session in ASC 2015, namely Plenary Lecture, Camp Session and Dialogue Session. The best question in each session will be selected by the lecturer involved and will be awarded as “Best Question Award”. The prizes will be given at the end of each day between 3-5 August 2015.

Main Convention Hall

Main Convention Hall