The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) 


IPST is an independent authority under the Ministry of Education, responsible for the development of the national curriculum, educational media and tools, as well as standards and quality assessment of science, mathematics and technology education, from elementary to upper secondary schools. IPST is also tasked with re-training teachers and students, promoting science talent and advising on science education policy. IPST works closely with a wide range of stakeholders including government education authorities, teachers, principals, students, the community and general public to ensure comprehensive, efficient and sustainable science learning and teaching, as well as cultivate the culture of scientific thinking in our children.
IPST partners and collaborates with regional and international organizations, as well as individual science and mathematics educators and professionals in sharing knowledge and best practices to continuously improve Thailand’s science education to world-class standard.


IPST was established on 16th January 1972 by the Announcement of the National Executive Council no. 42 dated 16th January 2515 B.E. The initial funding and technical support was provided by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with precise objectives to make science curricula more responsive to the needs of the modern economy, increase the effectiveness of the methods of learning, and develop training programs focused on enhancing skills appropriate to modern methods of teaching and learning. Then by virtue of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology Act 2541 B.E. (1998), and amended in 2548 B.E. (2005) (second issue), IPST has become an autonomous entity with budget support and policy guidance from the Ministry of Education.

Over the years, the scope of IPST work has evolved from six areas (Agriculture, Industry, Home Economics and Crafts, Mathematics, General Science, and Physical and Biological Sciences which further branched into Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Physical Science) to embrace new technology, academic support, setting standards, and special projects.


A driving force for world-class science and technology education in Thailand


IPST has been established with the following objectives:

  • To initiate, execute, coordinate and promote the study of and research on curricula, teaching & learning techniques and evaluation in sciences, mathematics and technology at all educational levels, with focus on basic education.
  • To promote, coordinate and execute human resources training for teachers, instructors, lecturers, students and university students on the teaching and learning and research of science, mathematics and technology.
  • To promote, coordinate and execute research, development and preparation of text books, exercises, academic papers, all supplementary materials, as well as production of science equipment and materials for teaching science, mathematics and technology.
  • To promote the development of total quality assessment and assurance system for in-school science, mathematics and technology education
  • To develop and promote science, mathematics and technology talents, as well as outstanding and talented teachers of science, mathematics and technology
  • To advise governmental and non-governmental agencies and offices involved in education provision specifically about their authorities and duties relating to science, mathematics and technology education described in 1-5 above.


To achieve the vision and mission set forth in the establishment of the institute, IPST has divided its strategies into three streams:

Improve the teaching & learning quality of science, mathematics and technology
– promote research and studies on curriculum and learning environment

–promote curriculum development and training of teachers, students and education personnel

– assess standards of teachers and printed materials by developing science and mathematics assessment tools
– promote awareness of the importance of knowledge and skills in science, mathematics and technology

Develop and promote talents in science, mathematics and technology to their full potentials
– develop and promote students talented in mathematics, science and technology
– develop and promote teachers talented in mathematics, science and technology

Improve internal operations and knowledge management to become a high-performance organization
– Increase organizational capabilities
– Develop knowledge management